Community Health – Scheduling of Hours

15.4 Scheduling of Hours Regular Employees (i) Regular employees shall be scheduled hours within their classification based on seniority, subject to the employee’s ability to meet specific client needs and geographic location. (ii) When assigning hours, regular  employees shall be given priority over casual employees in accordance with the process […]

Community Health – Flextime

14.10 Flextime For the purpose of this agreement, flextime means hours worked by employees who are given authority by the Employer to choose their starting and finishing times, the length of their workday, and days off, for the purpose of providing flexible and accessible service to clients, and providing that: (a) the […]

Save-On-Foods – Meal and Rest Periods

9.26 Meal Periods Meal Periods shall be one (1) hour unless a lesser time is agreed upon.  Employees who work an eight (8) hour shift shall have a meal period to commence not earlier than three (3) hours or later than five (5) hours after the commencement of the shift.  Part-time […]

Save-On-Foods – Night Work

9.25  Night Work Employees may opt into a minimum two (2) month period of night (graveyard) work upon four (4) weeks’ notice.  Hours of work on night shifts shall not be claimable.  In the event there is not a sufficient number of employees to cover the night (graveyard) work, the […]

Save-On-Foods – Consecutive Days of Work

9.24 Consecutive Days of Work Grid A full-time employees will not be required to work two (2) consecutive Saturday/Sunday shifts. No employee shall be required to work more than six (6) consecutive days.  It is understood that there will not be any “available hours” claim, involving a seventh (7th) or subsequent […]

Save-On-Foods – Requested Time Off

9.22  Requested Time Off (R.T.O.) Employees, requesting and who are granted R.T.O. prior to the posting of the work schedule, shall not have their hours of work for the week reduced as a result of the granting of the request.  It shall be optional for the Employer to reduce the […]

Save-On-Foods – Evening Work Rotation

9.20 Evening Work Rotation There shall be fair rotation of evening work when the store is open for business insofar as this is practical for store operation. It is understood that students shall be excluded from this provision.  A late shift shall be defined as any shift that ends at 8:00 […]

Save-On-Foods – Sunday Restriction

9.14 Sunday Restriction and Sunday Work 1. Work on Sunday shall be voluntary for employees hired prior to ratification 2013 (March 23, 2013). 2. Sunday work shall be offered according to seniority.  3. Employees hired prior to ratification 2013 (March 23, 2013) shall notify Management at the beginning of each two (2) month period […]