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9.25  Night Work

Employees may opt into a minimum two (2) month period of night (graveyard) work upon four (4) weeks’ notice.  Hours of work on night shifts shall not be claimable.  In the event there is not a sufficient number of employees to cover the night (graveyard) work, the Employer will assign the work on a rotation basis.

 If a rotation is necessary, the Manager, Lead Hand and the Crew shall institute a fair system of scheduling for Night Crews.
 No employee shall be required to return to the night stocking shift until all eligible employees have had a turn.
 Should problems exist in individual stores regarding the rotation list, the parties can refer the
matter to Growing Our Future meetings. (See Section 4.)
 In the event this should fail, the Union Representative and the Crew shall have the right to file a Grievance under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, “Fair Rotation of Shift” Section.
 The following rules shall apply to night stocking:
 1. Night stocking shifts shall commence at 12:00 midnight or 11:30 P.M.
 2. As an alternative to Point (1) above, one 12:01 A.M. shift may be worked on any night of the week with the remaining shifts falling within the time outlined in Point (5).
 3. Shifts not commencing at 12:00 midnight or 11:30 P.M. shall start on or after 5:00 A.M. and shall end before 12:00 midnight.
 4. An employee may request to start between 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.
 5. An employee’s shift during one (1) week shall fall within the same eighteen (18) hour span.
 6. The Employer agrees to schedule Stocking Crews consecutive days of work wherever possible, subject to the operational needs of the store.  Where it can be demonstrated that the scheduling of consecutive days of work can be scheduled, the Union and the Employer shall meet and determine a method of solution.
 7.  Senior employees whose years of service plus age equals seventy (70), may opt out of Night Stocking Crew.
 The above shall be subject to emergencies as defined in Section 9.16  of this Agreement.
 No Clerk shall be required to work alone on the premises on night shift.

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