Safeway Operations – Short Notice Call Ins

9.15 Short Notice Call-Ins All first day, short notice (illness or accident) employee absences shall be filled by the most senior employee(s) not scheduled that day who are not already scheduled for five (5) days in the week of the absence.  On second and subsequent days of confirmed absence due to […]

Safeway Operations – Sunday Restriction

9.10 Sunday Restriction and Sunday Work 1. Work on Sunday shall be voluntary for employees hired prior to ratification 2013 (April 10, 2013).  2. Sunday work shall be offered according to seniority.  3. Employees hired prior to ratification 2013 (April 10, 2013) shall notify Management at the beginning of each two (2) month period […]

Safeway Operations – Student Seniority

9.08 Students, Seniority 1. A student is defined as any employee regularly attending High School, University, College, Vocational Institution or other educational institutions requiring attendance at scheduled classes. Students may be required to verify their attendance. 2. The Company and the Union agree that employees who attend one or two classes per week […]

Safeway Operations – Declaration of Availability

9.07  Declaration of Availability Only employees who restrict to twenty-four (24) or fewer hours per week shall have the option of submitting a declaration of availability. Employees must be available for at least sixteen (16) hours per week.  These employees must be available for one closing shift per week AND […]

Safeway Operations – Statutory Holidays

The following days shall be considered statutory holidays: New Year’s Day  Labour Day Family Day    Thanksgiving Day Good Friday   Remembrance Day Victoria Day   Christmas Day Canada Day   Boxing Dayand all other public holidays proclaimed by the Federal, Provincial or Municipal Governments, provided that all other major retail grocery stores close on any such holiday […]