Save-On-Foods – Student Seniority

9.12  Student Seniority 1. A student is defined as any employee regularly attending High School, University, College, Vocational Institution or other educational institutions requiring attendance at scheduled classes.  Students may be required to verify their attendance and class times. 2. Students shall be considered to have restricted their availability and shall be […]

Save-On-Foods – Declaration of Availability

9.11 Declaration of Availability Only employees who restrict to twenty-four (24) or fewer hours per week shall have the option of submitting a Declaration of Availability.  Employees must be available for at least sixteen (16) hours per week.  These employees must be available for one late shift per week AND also […]

Save-On-Foods – Short Notice Shift Changes

9.09 Short Notice Shift Changes All first day, short notice (illness or accident) employee absences shall be filled by the most senior employee(s) not scheduled that day who are not already scheduled for five (5) days in the week of absence.  On second and subsequent days of confirmed absence due to […]

Save-On-Foods – Statutory Holidays

9.07  Statutory Holidays The following days shall be considered statutory holidays: New Year’s Day Family Day Good Friday Victoria Day Canada Day B.C. Day Labour Day Thanksgiving Day Remembrance Day Christmas Day Boxing Day and all other public holidays proclaimed by the Federal, Provincial or Municipal Governments, provided that all […]

Safeway Operations – Consecutive Days of Work

9.26 Consecutive Day Limit Grid A full time employees will not be required to work in excess of six (6) consecutive days and also will not be required to work two (2) consecutive Saturday/Sunday shifts. No part time employee shall be required to work more than six (6) consecutive days.  It […]

Safeway Operations – Shift Interval

9.24 Shift Interval There shall be an interval of not less than ten (10) hours between shifts for all employees.  An employee who is not allowed a ten (10) hour interval between shifts shall be paid at the rate of time and one half (1 1/2) for time worked prior to […]

Safeway Operations – Night Stocking

9.21 Night Stocking The following rules shall apply to night stocking: Night stocking shifts shall commence at 12:01 a.m. five (5) nights per week except as hereinafter provided. As an alternative to Point (1) above, one (1) 12:01 a.m. shift may be worked on any night of the week with the […]

Safeway Operations – Evening Work Rotation

9.18 Evening Work Rotation There shall be fair rotation of night work when the store is open for business insofar as this is practical for store operation.  It is understood that students shall be excluded from this provision.  A late shift will be defined as any shift that ends at 8:00 […]

Safeway Operations – Requested Time Off

9.17 Requested Time Off  (R.T.O.) Employees, requesting and who are granted R.T.O. prior to the posting of the work schedule, shall not have their hours of work for the week reduced as a result of the granting of the request.  It shall be optional for the Employer to reduce the […]