Community Health – Rest Periods and Meal Periods

14.5 Rest Periods
There shall be a 15 minute rest period in each half of any full shift. Employees working less than a full shift shall receive one 15 minute paid rest period.
14.6 Meal Periods
(a) An unpaid meal period shall be scheduled as close as possible to the middle of each shift of five hours or more and shall be taken away from the work area. The length of the meal period shall not be less than 30 minutes, or up to 60 minutes by mutual agreement.
(b) Employees required by the Employer to work during their scheduled meal period will have their meal period rescheduled to an alternative time during that shift. Every effort shall be made to ensure that the rescheduled meal period does not commence within two hours of the end of the shift. Employees whose meal period is not rescheduled will be paid for the meal period at the applicable overtime rates.
(c) An employee who has been designated by the Employer to be available for work during his/her meal period will receive pay for the meal period at straight-time rates.

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