Community Social Services Job Evaluation Benchmarks

Click on the Job Families title to view the benchmarks listed below it. PP indicates benchmark is on the Paraprofessional Wage Grid.

Administrative, Finance & Technical
Accountant (PP grid 14)
Accounting Clerk (grid 7)
Administrative Support 1 (grid 5)
Administrative Support 2 (grid 7)
Administrative Support 3 (grid 10)
Administrative Support 4 (grid 12)
Bookkeeper (grid 10)
Computer Technical Support Specialist (grid 10)
Database Clerk (grid 9)

Counsellors & Consultants
Addictions Counsellor (PP grid 14)
Adult, Youth and/or Child Counsellor (PP grid 14)
Children Who Witness Abuse Counsellor (PP grid 13)
Children Who Witness Abuse Counsellor – Art Specialist (PP grid 14)
Employment Counsellor (grid level 10)
ESL Instructor (PP grid 14)
Family Counsellor (PP grid 14)
Infant Development Consultant (PP grid 14)
Stopping the Violence Counsellor (PP grid 14)
Supported Child Care Consultant (PP grid 14)
Vocational Counsellor (grid 11)

Front Line Workers
Activity Worker (grid 8)
Adult, Youth and/or Child Worker (grid 11)
Asleep Residential Night Worker (grid 5)
Awake Residential Night Worker (grid 6)
Child and Youth Transition House Worker (grid 8)
Child Care Resource and Referral Worker (grid 11)
Community Connector (grid 12)
Community Support Worker (grid 10)
Early Childhood Educator (grid 10)
Early Childhood Educator Assistant (grid 6)
Early Childhood Educator, Senior (grid 13)
Emergency Shelter Worker (grid 6)
Family Support Worker (grid 12)
Group Facilitator (grid 9)
Reconnect Worker (grid 10)
Residence Worker (grid 10)
Residence Worker, Senior (grid 12)
Residential Child and Youth Worker (grid 11)
School Aged Child Worker (grid 9)
School Based Prevention Worker (grid 11)
Settlement and Integration Worker (grid 10)
Special Services Worker (grid 11)
Transition House Worker (grid 10)
Victim Service Worker (grid 11)
Vocational Worker (grid 10)

Graduate Degrees & Licensed Professionals
Behaviour Consultant (PP grid 16)
Clinical Counsellor (PP grid 16)
Licensed Practical Nurse (PP grid 13)
Nurse (PP grid 16)
Nutritionist (PP grid 15)
Occupational Therapist (PP grid 16)
Physiotherapist (PP grid 16)
Speech Language Pathologist (PP grid 17)

Operation Support
Building Maintenance Worker (grid 10)
Cook (grid 9)
Housekeeper (grid 3)
Janitor (grid 3)
Passenger Vehicle Driver (grid 7)
Retail Supervisor (grid 10)
Retail Worker (grid 5)
Truck Driver (grid 6)

Supervisors & Coordinators
Crisis Line Coordinator (grid 13)
Program Coordinator 1 (grid 12)
Program Coordinator 2 (grid 14)
Residence Coordinator (grid 14)
Volunteer Coordinator (grid 12)

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